Siebenbuerger Club 2114 French Street
Erie, PA 16503
(814) 452-4712

Welcome to the Siebenbuerger Club!

The Siebenbuerger Club is one of Erie's oldest clubs and has been serving the Erie area for over 110 years. We feature a full service bar, dining room, 5 banquet / event rooms and a bowling alley with adjacent bar.

Upcoming Events

The Siebenbuerger Club Singers will be performing Sunday November 29th, 2015 at 4pm in the dinning room.

Turkey Raffles!!! Friday November 13th and 20th along with our regular "Friday Fun Night", we will be giving you a chance to win your Thanksgiving turkey! Starts at 4:40 pm until ???

Thanksgiving day, November 26, 2015 we will be serving from 12:00 noon until 5:00pm. The club will close at 6pm there for there will be NO sign ups from the daily or the weekly. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday and we hope to see you in here for one of our turkey dinners or lobster tails!


Together we can make the Siebenbuerger Club Erie's Social / Civic Club Choice 2015. Click HERE to vote!
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Mark your calendars!. We will be closed on: December 2th (Christmas) Club closes at 6pm on Christmas eve
Attention. Door persons will be scheduled to work during dinner hours Monday through Friday and Sunday and during parties/events. At all other times you will need to swipe your card to enter the club. The card swipe is located on the right hand side of the interior glass door. Hold your membership card with the bar code to the right and swipe your card. Anyone using the Handicapped entrance, there is a door bell for your convenience.
Buck Night. Thursday Night is "Buck Night". Since the NFL is on every Thursday evening. Specials will very every week starting at 8pm until 10pm.


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