Siebenbuerger Club 2114 French Street
Erie, PA 16503
(814) 452-4712

About the Siebenbuerger Club

On June 10th, 1898, eighteen men gathered in Greiner's Hall to drink beer and sing German songs. This meeting became the beginning of the Siebenbuerger Club.

As more members joined the Club, the group was forced to move to larger quarters and relocated to Simpson Methodist Church. This building was eventually moved by horse from 25 East 21st Street to 21st and French Streets.

Due to continued increase in membership, a more modern facility was built during 1927-1928. The exterior of the building remains virtually the same as when constructed, but the interior continues to be improved and redecorated as needed. Be sure to browse through our photo gallery to see some of the most recent interior improvements such as the upstairs Ball room and the Erie room!


  • President: John Crandall
  • Vice President: Bill Kuhn
  • Financial Secretary: Paul Causgrove
  • Recording Secretary: Mike Wilkosz
  • Treasurer: Steve Curcio
  • Directors:
    • Matt Gustafson
    • Bret Johnson
    • Debbie McKinnon
    • Tom Reisenweber
    • Tom Skarupski
  • Auditors:
    • Conrad Carlson
    • Joli Wilson
    • Craig Ross


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Siebenbuerger Singers

Do you like to sing?

If yes, then how about joining the Siebenbuerger Singers.

The Singers rehearse Mondays, 7pm in the Upstairs Ballroom.